Friday, February 16, 2018

Really! I should help you?

Lately, I have got so many emails from industry people that think I will help their acts to get into showcase festivals or help them out on showcase festivals they are booked on. Of course, they think I should do it for free and just as a favor since we know each other on facebook.

You know what, I use to do that and it never leads to anything. I still do that but I expect that you are are getting me something more, yes I need a return favor or payment in the deal. Not that I will get it later or something, I need it right now.

And most of these people have no clue what is out there or have the knowledge to help me back. I have just taken off my two board positions jobs since the labels and industry people of Sweden are so behind and really doesn't give me anything. I have built up an international network for twenty years and I won't give that for free to a Swedish nobody that could destroy it in minutes by doing the wrong mistakes.

I have said it a couple of times that I would stop helping the export situation in Sweden, and now I'm finally at the gate where I leave these behind and just go on my international network. The ones I keep are the ones that give something back and help me out with other tasks. The rest you are on your own until you have some currency to trade with.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

They treat you like dirt!

One of the signs that you are getting somewhere is that people treat you like shit. They smile and give you hugs but then when you have gone around the corner they stab you in the back.

I was part of a bigger job the past month and yesterday they had a big show off and a press release around the whole thing. They, of course, didn't invite me or even tell about my work in the project. No instead they took what I had contributed with and let a more inexperienced person tell the things I contributed with.

First I was really pissed. I even was on this press seminar, and to hear your own work be read by someone other as their own is not that fun. Then I started to question why do that? Then I realized I'm too much of a threat for them. They had even taken out my past out of the biography. In the end, I don't even know if my name was there.

This is one of the things I really hate is to be ignored and right now it happens a lot since I have quite too much success with my projects. To explain what they do is. You take an artist on a world tour get them high rewards around the globe and really makes a success, and then they give the prize to the local guy that put out a single and played on the square in the summer. To compare.

Later on, they say oh, yes you did something and try to pretend that they didn't know what you achieved. Mainly just they are afraid of you. The thing is that then when you grow your band even bigger they come back and lick your ass with a lot of phony awards try to make it up. Still, when you are at that point you are too big to be ignored. When you are in this stage you are on the way to the big stuff. You just have to swallow your pride and move on.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Seminars that tells you nothing.

I have been on quite many seminars about really nothing. Right now is the big trend to tell me things around social media that I can't do. It's always from some social media company telling you tips and tricks that you can do on social media.

The first they start with is to show you what Beyoncé did on her last campaign. No shit sherlock can you do that, what is the price tag? Of course with the budgets, we have for our artists there's just starting out the things Beyonce do is not even in our reach.

Sure many things are quite simple. The thing is there are some lectures that talks about the easy nice things you can do almost for free or a little budget. Then you have the ones that talks like getting your own damn filter on snapchat are something a small band even could do.

The funniest things are it never fails when I look up these companies own social media numbers they are often much lower than my own blog. I guess next time I would demand to get Beyonce there to tell me the things she has done. It seems like a bit of the same chance that it will happen then I will learn from this.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

It takes years to build network!

I don't know how many new people that want to get in the industry every year. I would guess 5% is still there after 5 years. Many end up on some service function in the office many go out to never be seen again.

The mistake they do is to count in that it goes fast. I have now worked 30 years in the industry. That is my whole adult life. It has been up and downs. The most important change of network.

It's the network these new ones miscalculate or the time to get them. My first network took 10 years to build up. Today very few are still around. Since the network built on physical sales and distribution, they were wiped out around the year 2002.

Then I build a new network, quite Indie also a lot of testing and new innovations. And that took 10 years. And to be honest most of them are also gone now.

I'm in my next 10 year round. I don't know who will be around in this new wipe out. The few people that been around all periods are surviving. But they are around 10% of the network of today.
For example, the students that come out think wow I got an education and know how the basics work and I had an internship at a music company is a safe ground. No, you have to do the first 10 years then a wipeout (wipeout is technical changes that happen every 10 years). Then you start to be something.

Many calculate that this goes faster. But there is no way. You have to do certain errors to learn to calculate the situation. You also have to adapt, sitting on one post won't do anything.

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Damager.

I usually speak good about to have a manager. It great having someone doing tasks and stuff and hopefully gives new opportunities to your career. But it's not always that good.

The past week I have been meeting managers that really just destroy for their artists. Mainly managers that are too pushy. Also, demanding things that are really not relevant and are quite frankly rude in their approach.

I just had a conversation with a manager that was bragging and pushing to get a deal. Of course, he used the old thing, that he had several other interested and couldn't wait. I managed to get out of him who the other was and one of them was a friends company. The funny part was that we had been discussing this band a week earlier and my friend told me they had applied but he had turned them down since he didn't like the manager.

Another manager contacted me for a PR job in Sweden. All she had to tell was that I should get them a record deal in the Nordics with the PR I was supposed to do. Here is a major problem no one gets a record deal from a bit of PR. Then the PR must be very very good and cover quite unique things. The more I spoke with her to more I really got how inexperienced she was. There was no clue what so ever what she was talking about, all same old cliches were used.

These bands might be good but the reflection of their management can be very devastating. In this case, I meet both the artists in other things and they both praised how much these managers got them done. They had no clue how much that was probably taken away from them with the pushy attitude and inexperience nonsense.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Update is very important

Update people. Yes, you really need to update your team. I think I wrote about this a while ago but it's so important I can do it again.

This is really not my strong side either. I try to set up schedules so I can update teams I work with on regular basis. I know through I can be better on it.

Also updating is a really good way to remind people. The art is to do it at the right time. If you update too many people doesn't pay attention to the message. If it is too seldom people start to forget about you.
And update with news what you have done. No one likes messages where you ask what they have done for you lately. Or if you can check that they have done their job properly.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

See the whole picture

If I could paint just the mouth of Mona Lisa as good as Leonardo Da Vinci did, it's still not the Mona Lisa.In The Mona Lisa, there are details that are really important. But it's the painting as a whole that makes it a piece of art.

When it comes to developing bands you have to look at the whole picture. I know it's tempting to start looking into details.

What's the point of having a really nice front cover of the album if the music on the album sucks?
I just spoke to a band and they were arguing what their backdrop should look like. My question was how many tour dates they had and the sizes of the stages.
- We don't have any shows booked, but as soon we have the backdrop we will start to book.
The backdrop detail that really doesn't matter, now almost became the downfall of the band in disagreement.

Just a great guitar solo won't make a song. The best microphone in the world won't change that the singer can't sing.

It's always the whole picture. You need to get things along the way when you really need it. Not let the things be the scapegoat to continue one. In many cases start practicing to get better and then add the details so the whole picture gets strong and a piece of art.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Pay to play

Showcasing gets more and more complicated since it becomes more and more vital for artists that really want a career. The festivals provide the gateway to a more and more international global market.
So far it has been quite fair. The best discoveries have been invited and you had special stages for organizations (bookers, export offices, record labels etc).

Now I can see a rising trend to buy into festivals. Last year one of the bigger one in Europe didn't even have application almost all stages were bought by organizations.
The problem with this is that the organizations in many cases demand to have their own picking of bands. The organizations also have an agenda and are not always pick the best and choose more political.

Okay, many are going to showcase festivals to meet people in the business and not so much seeing bands. Still, I can see the quality going really down on some festivals.  Even to the point I just took one off my schedule.  The lineup is so corporate there is no point scouting there any longer.
Also, I can see like two camps forming in the festivals. The camp with paying artists that very often doesn't reach the standard. And then the second camp with extremely good bands running over these paid options. It's becoming a problem.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wrong aim

I was talking to a manager during a showcase that was complaining about that his band never got out anything from showcase festivals.

He was taking his band to this festival and complained that he didn't get a record contract. I asked if he got something. Yes, a booking agency got interested and signed the band. He kept complaining that the booking agency didn't get his band a tour fast enough and had kicked them. He now wanted to go back to a smaller showcase festival in the same country. I wondered if that was wise since I know the Booker and they are the best in that genre and the festival is perfect to be discovered. So why try a smaller one?

Later that night I meet the organizer of the smaller festival and talked about it. Then the organizer told me that they got paid to have that band and told me that they always paid well to get this band into festivals. Their country's export gave money for that.

We later saw the band. And it really sucked. A mediocre shit band. Of course, they could brag about many festivals, they paid their way in. Of course, the results were not that good. The product was not ready at all.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Better Networking

I'm on my way back from MENT a showcase festival in Slovenia. Of course, I come back with several opportunities for the artists I work with. Right now I think the smaller showcase festivals are the best to get a bigger network. And where the future music industry is happening.

What I don't get is people that attend these festivals and complain that nothing happens. Sure if you only play and not mingle around. I guess you can manage to get nothing to happens. But then you have missed the purpose of showcase festivals.

Also if you are aiming totally wrong. You might think that you get nothing out of it. No, the biggest festivals won't book you just because you play.

Friday, February 2, 2018

50 000 views

It is a milestone I guess. At least for me. Getting 50 000 views in shorter of 3 years. It started as a experiment to show that you can build a blogg as an artist. My blog is much smaller in topic but it has readers. For an artist it should be easier. I like though what I have achieved. The posts has it own life. I start with on subject and end up in something totally different.

I have done quite many experiments over the two years but get a hang of some of the stuff now.

This is written on the runway for my airplane to lift off to the MENT conference in Slovenia. A new adventure, new friends and more network. I also just got the news that I was mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine. Always something new and I hope you follow me to my next goal of 100 000 views.

PS don't miss Adée new single "Wasted on you" out today on Spotify.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Don't promise to much!

I just got some emails from band applying for different things and what is common with them, they promise to much.

One is comparing with the most successful band in Sweden the last 20 years. A bit humble that they are at least equal to this band. Sure I understand that they take some shortcuts in this case. Still, you promise too much. Now I'm expecting that you are at this stage as the big band, and I know that you are not. And I will start to compare and find out the lousy sides instead of the good ones.

It's no point to write that you are the best band in the world since you are not. Same with that they describe their live show like a good energy with exceptional good lyrics and a unique sound. If you claim such things you need to have that. In this case, there is no proof what so ever. Okay if send along live video clips where I can see the energy, I'm fine. Right now the problem is when they talk about an energy-filled show it might stand up to my criteria since I have seen quite many shows and have very high expectations. same with great lyrics. I just heard one song, and no the lyrics are mediocre. Sure when you created something you have these big thoughts, but let other people say these words.Unique sound, oh if I got a dollar for every time I hear that phrase I would have stopped working and bought my self an island and sitting on the beach doing nothing. And like, in this case, the sound is very mediocre.

Is this a problem with just DIY or "demo" bands. Hell no, I'm sitting with a catalog from a big booking company in Sweden. One of their bands I know pretty well and I consider them quite crappy and really has done nothing. In the catalog, it says that they have been "seen" in different big newspapers and tv stations in Sweden. The thing I that I know that since I'm the one who placed them there and they were just mentioned as one out of 10 bands that were going to a showcase festival. Of course, they are not lying, but they write it as they had full coverage around it which was not true. Same with some other things where I know they got coverage since they are close friends with the editor of that newspaper. This is the thing of the music industry you blow things up. But you have to think twice before you really do it, and how you do it.