Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Failed projects

Since I'm on SXSW this week I see alot of hopeless projects showing off in the Texas sun.

One of my favorite things is to be at the booth where companies are showcasing new ideas. I usually goes around and collect t-shirts from companies that has a 99% fail rate. I usually comes from there with quite many T-shirts. My favourite one the past years is Gloumper. An app that was quite the same as Instagram but had a few more filters. Or the company that built a app that you can hum your tune to the app and the publish it online.

First you can use the recorder. Second why would I want other people to hear my humming? I can understand you want to have it to remember something to write on, but not give it to the rest of the world. Third what was this companys buissness model? Of course they didn't know. I took my t-shirt and just added to my collection.

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