Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Update sxsw 2018

And I wait for my Uber to take me to the airport. It has been a good sxsw. A lot of buissness and good stuff. Of course some of the usual problems with backline and visa but nothing that was not solved.

My reflection tough is that sxsw this year was a bit calmer. In my mind it's better you get more chance for networking and don't have to wait in ridiculous lines. Still I can see that the competition from many new festivals takes it toll.

Also how the festival has spread out. 6th street has become a giant hip hop scene where the rappers stand on the street rapping the same song for 4 days. Don't get me wrong it's not that it sounds the same, they do the same song since it's so many people passing.

The rap scene has then taken over east side of 6th. The export people and brands has moved to Reiny street and are in the shadows of the new skyscrapers.

South Congress has spread out and far far away is the folk and country.

The hardrock is nowhere to be found. I manged to find a stoner fest in the north far away from it all where old guys with no hair but a lot of beard was doing "Iron Man " in different versions.

Still it is the largest one and you do things here. Still they have to change to keep that momentum.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Was that me?

Was that post about me? I get that question quite often. But no it was not. I change quite many scenarios in different ways so it's impossible to tell what it was. Also I add and take off. The core might have a person, but the story is added and changed.

Still sometimes several people does the same mistake at the same time and I mix these together, and people get upset thinking I write about them. At the same time when they get upset they might see it in a different light.

The best is when I write and disguise it so good that the person that the post is about is comment that it was a crazy thing to do, when the post is about that person.

So why I don't write about good stuff? I do but then I usually write out the name. The errors is easier though to write about.

Don't take it personally. But if you do there might be something to think about.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Don't worry about things that won't happen.

I had the most funny conversation. A person that runs a management contacted me on Facebook. Okay saying that it is a management is maybe too much. It's totally new and I have never heard of it or any of the bands. Well they just wanted to ask a question so I answered to ask the question.

They asked if we took submission on our label. Kind of stupid question since if you go in the home page there is big section how to send music. If you don't bother to do the simplest research you look kind of stupid.

After sending the link I got another message:
-I just sent the song to you, when do I get an answer?

I wrote back that it might take a couple of weeks and that we will be in touch if it's something. Then came:
- Ok, I really don't know what the label has done. Maybe you are not the right label. We are not accepting a deal over 50%.

There is no worries. Right here I know there's no point of listen to it. We won't get in deals with people really don't knowing what they are doing. So worry that we will offer you a bad contract is just not worth it.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hopeless showcasing

In speaking of hopeless showcasing (see yesterdays post). I see quite many stupid artist projects showcasing as well.

First of all. No, not really that someone will just pass by your show and discover you. There stories are fabricated. You can quite often read that The Magnettes was discovered on SXSW. In reality we did a quite big job talking to people beforehand and we had several leads. In the end Digsin took it, sure it was the first time they saw them. But they had been nagged on for at least a year before.

Then you need to have your team there. A showcase is so big that you need to spread out to get things done. Just sending your artist and not be there yourself is just stupid. Then the artist has to refer to a person that is not there. You can send to smaller sometimes but like SXSW is just a waste of time. In our team we are around 3 to 4 people not counting the artist.

Just because you get the buissness card of a big shot means that the deal is sealed.

Drinking with just people from your own country is rather stupid, these you can meet home. No you are not cool just because you see each other abroad.

Look into what kind of time slot you have and work hard.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Failed projects

Since I'm on SXSW this week I see alot of hopeless projects showing off in the Texas sun.

One of my favorite things is to be at the booth where companies are showcasing new ideas. I usually goes around and collect t-shirts from companies that has a 99% fail rate. I usually comes from there with quite many T-shirts. My favourite one the past years is Gloumper. An app that was quite the same as Instagram but had a few more filters. Or the company that built a app that you can hum your tune to the app and the publish it online.

First you can use the recorder. Second why would I want other people to hear my humming? I can understand you want to have it to remember something to write on, but not give it to the rest of the world. Third what was this companys buissness model? Of course they didn't know. I took my t-shirt and just added to my collection.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Like reading about having sex.

Reading about starting your own business is like reading about having sex, the sign in the subway in NYC said. I agree, most of the stuff I have done has been by doing mistakes and learn by doing. What's keep it up is passion and persistent work.

In a artist career it's also the same. Every career is unique and really can't be copied.  In a way you have to take your own path. Do your own mistakes. Minimize the mistakes by getting advices, but still evaluate these advices to your own path. In the end there is no right or wrong it's just hard work and like we say in Sweden "you have to like the situation".

Actually the sign in the subway after said "in doers we trust" yes there you have it.

Monday, March 12, 2018

You want to get rich.

I just went to one of the world's largest casinos. It's totally madness and people are sitting in front of a slot machine and just press a button. You know you can win the big jackpott and become rich, that is the driving force.

It's the same mechanism that you have your artist career. You want people to recognize your pice of art. Discover your expression. And like many says, make a living of your music.

There is a big difference though between the two. The slot machine is very low entrance. You just get there and sit down in front of the machine put in your money and press the button. At the same time you are in the mercy of the machine. You can't effect when and where it release its gold.

A career is harder to entrance. You have to practice and test things. But the biggest difference is that you can effect your career by doing things. You can market, talk to people and in various ways effect that you are going forward.

Still I feel people are more or less acting like they are front of a slot machine, sitting and waiting for the machine to release it's gold.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

There is no control

No I really don't know what colour it is on the amp on the stage. That was my last answer on a barrage of questions that an artist with over control need had.

The funny part is that I know the artist has this need and had sent the most information I had got. Still it is not enough for the person with control anxiety. The problem is that the last question the artist had was, are you making sure the right people will be on the show? Well since most of my time is going on to find answers that is not that relevant I guess I need to stay quite on that one.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

What to say to the best band in the world.

I'm speaking with a band and of course they are selling themselves to me. The argument though is that they are really good. And by this time I haven't heard the music. But on and on they tell me that they have really great songs and are good live.

Somedays pass and I manage to listen to the music, in fact I get a hold of a live video from 6 months earlier. Let's just say this is far far away from the best band in theDr world. The live show is not even up to a local talent show.

Then they call again and after a couple of minutes they go for the same argument, we are the best band in the world.
The problem is that they really think they are. Maybe not the best but really good. You can easy figure out that they have some friends telling that to them, maybe also parents. How the hell do I break to them that the reason they are not progressing is since they are not good enough? In a sense it's like telling the guy in the subway that shouts out that Jesus loves me, sorry Jesus is fake Buddha is the real thing. It will just be a endless conversation about two different views.

I guess I will just move along and tell some advice to the band. Still knowing the error and that the advice is fruitless unless you are good enough. The sad part is that I know they will get back to me in six months telling me that they don't feel they have progression and don't understand why since they are the best band in the world.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Make it harder

Damn got a severe eye infection and writing messages on the phone is really difficult. Usually just the time is hard to do it and all autocorrections and small buttons. This takes it to a new level. Well at least I'm in NYC.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Going to USA

Finally at the gate for the plane to USA and some meetings in NYC. Right now I have been delayed for more then 48 hours with planes and weather and canceled flights.
Also with a bad eye infection that slows me down. But hurdles are for getting over.

I guess when this is posted I'm in USA.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Another meeting.

Is this meeting really necessary? Many times we get so many calls about meetings with artists. And the only question is what should we do next? And what happens this summer?

You know what? You should do as much as you can next there is no way you have done everything that should be done, and I have no clue what is going to happen this summer. I guess if you get some summer festivals we will market those.

So many of these meetings are really nothing to talk about. Its most of the time guessing stuff that needs to change anyway because of different reasons. Yes, I would do much better use to do some work instead of sitting in these endless meetings about nothing.

So before you start asking about meetings, can you also provide a list what we should talk about, and agenda would be nice.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The next step! Mc Donalds style!

I think this has been on the blog before. But I can take it again since it always comes up. Most artists (and people around) seems to think the music industry works like a job ladder. No this is not Mc Donalds where you start on the floor as a cashier and then move up to make burgers than to be a team leader, then somewhere in the line, you might get to be a restaurant chef.

In these situations you can always call on that you have done certain hours and that is your turn etc. In the music industry, it never works like that. If we take it in the Mc Donalds style. We would count the money. Yes, you would be upgraded not to your hours instead of many burgers you sold. And when we needed a new team leader then we would just go out and hire a new person.

Here it is no marks or goal you can set up in that kind of way. You have to be darn good and then things come along. It's not about time or how many streams you have what will take you forward. Is how many burgers you sell, or in this case how many fans you get.

I see so many bands comparing themselves to other bands. We started the same time as they did, we should also play on that big festival. We have this many streams we should be on TV not them they have much fewer streams. This is the utopia the industry wants to build. Still, music is the ears of the beholder and it can't really be done. The only thing that matters here is hard work, you can only compete with yourself.