Friday, November 17, 2017

Maybe your are not the right person.

I worked with a band couple of years ago. The band was on it's way up, things were going well. In this case, the guitarist thought himself to be the person that created the sound of the band. He had kind of a big ego so many times the band had to change things because the guitarist thought this and that about really everything from the look on the cover to the sound to the places they should play on, he had an opinion about everything. The opinion usually leaned on the indie side. It was a lot talk about sellout and corporate gigs and stuff.

After a while, we got good feedback from a record label and they signed with that label. Just shortly after the label had been on several shows and talked to the band I had a meeting with them as the publisher.

They were asking questions who wrote the songs. I always got them from the band with an equal split so I told them I would investigate it. And when I was doing so I found out that the bass player wrote the most of the critical stuff but the guitarist took credit for most of the work. On top of that was also that the bass player felt overrun by the guitarist all the time with the cool ideas he had himself.

Of course, the guitarist claimed that the bass player ideas were just rough things and his polish to them was the thing that made them shine.

I went back to the label and described the situation. The label said direct, we thought it was in that way. They had got a hold of a demo done just by the bass player before the guitarist had a chance to get to it, and they thought it was brilliant. They realized that the potential for the band was much higher if they sacked the guitarist.

Now you have a real trouble. The guitarist who thinks he is everything should be replaced. In the end, he was fired but with a lot of struggle. Also since the label knew the capacity of the band they didn't do so much as long as he was there. Not until it was solved they showed their true capacity and got the band to a quite good reach in the world.

I had a meeting with the A&R on the label last week. He is now working on another label but he brought it up during our meeting. He said that they had seen that all the bad decisions came from the guitarist but couldn't bring that up with the band. And then when the demo came in it was so obvious that they had to react. The sad part was that it took time to get rid of the crap stuff that it slowed their career for at least two years.

I find this quite often in bands. It's not the industry that holds them back it's someone holding them back within making decisions that they really don't understand and have a thought that they are the greatest thing ever happening to this project. And history is full of stories about a change of people that made the difference. It's not always the people around it can be at the core of the things as well.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

If you push a release, and why.

The world does not circle around you as an artist. This scenario we got quite often, once a month at least. And it's the reason why we tell certain stuff when you ask.

You want to release a single a certain date, let's say 25 of October. This conversation is held 20 of September. And we say okay to that date even though it is a bit of short time to do all the PR. The song is not ready but will be recorded the same week.So you guarantee that it should be ready by the end of the week on Friday.

For a while there I actually said to artists that I wouldn't set a date before we hade the master and cover in our hands. But that made them go crazy around that they didn't have a date. So we left that idea.

So on Friday, the artist called us up. Well, the mixer guy got the stomach flu and they need other things to put on. We will just say okay, what can we do. Another week goes by. The things that are added went ok. But now the mastering engineer can't do it until next week. It goes on like this in all cases. Suddenly it just one and a half from the release date.

Suddenly a stressed out artist calls up and promise that you will get the front cover during the day. Your reply is though.
- No worries, the release is in a couple of weeks.

- What, says the artist. We have booked a release gig on this day.

- Just treat it as a normal gig. You don't have gigs just to release a song would be kind of few gigs then.

- But I told the fans on our socials.

- Well tell them to wait some weeks.

The reality is that since all these people fucked up, we can't just drop everything we had planned to fill in. In some cases, we have been forced to do that and the result was not good. Then the artist comes in later and claimes that the pr wasn't any good etc and really don't understand that it's because the artist from the beginning didn't kept the deadlines. That is the reason why if you get a week late, yes your release date is pushed a week.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Vlog 15 Nov, Jeeves returns and I go to party's.

The life in the music industry. Jeeves comes back again with ice cream. I go to the publisher's music awards and on a music party and a home party. Build a studio in the living room. And remember it ain't over until the fat lady sings.
#Jeeves #DIY  #Awards

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

X-mas music comes in September.

Every year the same thing. Around the last weeks of November, you get stressed out people trying to release Christmas music. You know what the deadline for radio was two weeks ago. Another thing the deadline for Spotify was last week. So you are already too late to get the music out if you release it the last weeks of November, more look to do it last week of October.Take the song you where doing and just release it next year in time.

Also, have in mind that only every ten years a Christmas song is really added on as a classic Christmas song that plays every year. The odds that your x-mas song will do something is very slim. So coming up with a good song in November and record it to give out to Christmas is really not a good idea.

Monday, November 13, 2017

They screw you in the drivethru

I'm pretty fascinated by the artist that seeks a contract and then when they get the contract on the table takes ages to answer on it. It's like the hunt is just to get the paper, then sign it and get on to a good co-operation seems it's not in the plan at all.

In reality, the contract is just a thing that regulates the co-operation but it has become some kind of mythical.

And most of the time they are looking for things that can screw the artist over. You know what were the music industry really buttfucks artist is on the online services where you really don't read the contract and just upload the music. you feel some kind of security just because you can always take down your music from the platform. As we all know if you upload photos on Facebook or Instagram they actually have the rights to use the pictures in other things. They also have the rights to sell stuff around your person, information. Right now many companies are using this and some other good schemes to lure money of artists. The contracts that come on paper is usually kind of fair since they are made to be rad, it's the other ones you should be afraid of.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Music publishers party!

Yes today is the Swedish publisher's big party and it starts 12:00. And I'm excited. This is the best party in the Swedish music industry. So I was thinking to update this a bit later both with a Vlog and pictures. So come back during the weekend.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

It's like a rocket, how high will you fly?

I many times compare an artist career with a rocket. You start off and this rocket will take you as high you get, and it's straight up. It's never a long ride.

Compare it be in Eurovison song contest. You are a unknown artist. This show can take your rocket to explode in a great stars with colors and a band like it did for ABBA. Or it can it can go just a small way and then the light goes off.

This also goes along with all careers. When they rocket starts you just hang on to it and goes along with the opportunity it gives to climb higher and higher. Soon as you stop or starts to say no to things then the rocket stops and starts and there is where your career will end. The likeness that it later will go higher is very unlike, yes it happens but that is so rare you can never calculate on it.

I'm listen too t.A.T.u right now. I pretty telling example, they got a rocket shot with "All the things she said". A couple of years ago I got a suggestion to work with one of the girls solo careers, of course we said no the rocket took them up but they followed with it down.

So when an artist that is not a superstar saying that it will take time off it's certain that this is the peak in the career. Most of the time this happens is when the career goes outside their own comfort zone like going abroad, an suddenly have to do some of the things once more and have a bad confidence. Many have stopped right there.

I guess the right way many times is to break abroad and bring it back home, seems like a easier way.

So hang on to the rocket and just ride it.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Vlog 8 Nov about traveling, secrets and Jeeves.

New url, Jeeves takes me out on shopping. A backstage visit on Shockholm, and our new pumpkin showoff.
#Traveling #Jeeves #DIY #Pumpkin

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I want it all!

Yes today video really says it all about the topic. Freddy Mercury really know what he is writing about in this song. Literally saying all the stuff that and artist wants.

The problem you can't have it all, and specially not now. The career is never straight forward and your choices will almost never be right. The thing in the businesses is to survive all the struggles that are coming against you in a smooth way.

No you won't get the perfect lightning or the perfect sound on your first show on the local pub. The question is can you make the most over the situation to overcome it. Is your show so good that the audience really don't care if the sound is a bit dull

The thing is that you can stand up for the things you have released years in ago without being embarrassed, and no you always will be embarrassed by your old shit the solution is not to lock everything in a cupboard.

Yes you will do a shitty deal. Still it might the way forward. You have to ride it out and know what you are looking for.

In most cases it's about saying yes and try stuff and minimize damage along of the way. Thinking that you will have a perfect smooth ride is just the  most stupid things you can ever do.


Monday, November 6, 2017

Don't ask for direction to a supermarket in a supermarket

One of the more annoying things you can do is ask for help to find people doing the same thing as the person you ask.

I mean would you go into a chocolate store asking for direction to another chocolate store with the question "do you know where you can buy chocolate?", or even worse if the clerk know someone who is better? I guess if you are crazy or don't know better. Still most people would go out start their smartphone and google chocolate store.

I'm amazed that it seems not to work here. If you turn a artist down on sent in demo or in conversation. The answer back is quite often "do you know someone else that can help us?" I just turned down probably for a reason and now I should help you like a manager to find a new one to test your shit on.

The problem becomes that I wouldn't want to send good contacts something I don't take in myself. In certain cases, like you come with great country music and I can't do anything with it and my best friend has a great country label, sure i would recommend that. Sending crappy pop music to other pop labels, nah that can get me in a bad position.

Second the no is probably not that it was not fitting, the product lacked something and that almost 99.9% of the others would say no to as well. So i would not do you a favor by sending you along.

The worst ones is mangers that ask for favors that really they should do. I got the other day a question from a manager if I could do him a favor and send over my list of media people, and if  I had a good list of labels that would be appreciated as well since we didn't take in his project.

The worst ones is when they come to our PR department and want us to do PR for something and we don't have time or really don't want to work with it and say no and the question back becomes "What should I do now, you have to fix something for me". Like it is my problem that you where turned down so I should find someone with lower standards to get your work, just because you pay down't mean you can get the services all time.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Don't plan to much!

Right now I get bombarded with people that want meetings to plan stuff. One of the big jokes we do between record labels is the urge to plan all things. Sure, don't get me wrong, you need plan stuff but I just wonder how many meetings I'm mainly sitting there and plan stuff that is out of our control.

One band, I remember in particular was masterminds on that. They always wanted meetings to plan the future. The first one was okay we made up some lose strategies. Yes lose everything in this business is changing very fast so whatever you plan around a release usually change pretty fast since it goes in different plans you couldn't expect. On the second meeting a week after really not much had happened, they still were in recording mode. On the meeting a two weeks after it was still there, same things just that the recording was done. After a while, I realize all these meetings was merely just to keep the dreams alive. They wanted to paint up the picture of what was coming with this single they were recording, and it was in the best way of meetings with the record label, manager or publisher. The meetings really didn't lead anywhere or any good decisions were made.

In the end, I just got tired of just wasting my an hour of my time so I started to create stuff to make things happen. Then it all came to a halt. Suddenly there were things to do not just talk. Then it became an issue. Things need to be done that was not fun, the fun was talking about it.

Then you have the meetings where people want to have meetings just to ask you what is going on. These are the meetings that we usually joke about. Mainly it's when the artist has released something and comes in the meeting thinking that we should focus more on radio for example. The thing is that of course we already sent to radio and no they were not that interested. That we would focus on it won't help a shit all the people that need to know already know. What happens is that you then throw into the artist what are your planning, what gigs or things are you ongoing so we can update the radio with that information? In 95% of the cases, they don't have anything. What happens then is that the artist thinks we don't do our jobs but in reality, we mainly see them as idiots complaining not understanding what is expected. The case is that the artist or their representatives think that they know what job we are doing and have easy solutions to really complex problems. These meetings are really pointless.

The meetings are really when something is happening. The artist get booked to a big festival and PR is needed to update the media, that calls for a meeting. Or the artist has sent new songs and pictures and want our opinion, that could be a good meeting and we can update how we should proceed.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

You have to do it several times.

Don't go for the myth or believe that one time is enough. It's not enough to play on one showcase festival. It's not enough to just visit another country once. You have to do it over and over again.
Same with meeting people. You have to meet them several times before you do business with them.
It's not enough with one release it has to be several.
You always has to prepare to do things several times. Do it over again, and reinvest in different projects. So when you start have a budget that actually supports to do it several times. Do it once and you can probably skip doing it.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Vlog about tip-off how to release music in the correct way.

Why not rush releases. Tip-off how to release music in the correct way. How to get people NOT listen to a song. How much time is needed for a release?
#Tokyo #Release #DIY