Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Don't trust old people

I usually say don’t trust people over 40 in the music industry they are to old (yes it’s include myself). And don’t trust anyone under 30, they are too young and not experienced.

I just got a call from a friend that shops a band and the band has just got a publisher that I know that is older than oldest. He’s only claim to fame is a Eurovision song from the 80:s. Now my friend got these really strange requests around the contract. Things that really matters in the 80:s. this guy also got sacked from his last publishing, just for the sake that he didn’t keep up with the new rules and numbers.

The sad part here is that the band will be fooled and the opportunity that raised will really get lost. These old farts should come with warning tag.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Jenai Huff is the worst artist in the world! (Tribute)

What do I mean with that? Is Jenai Huff really the worst artist in the world? Yes she is, and here is why so many artists around the world suffer for what she do. We got this from her on our support a couple of hours ago.

You are fraudulently claiming right to my song Just Like Me. Kontor Media Group loaded it to youtube and is monetizing it.  The URL is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVxE886s9wU. I have the copyright to the song that I wrote in 2011 and recorded in February of 2012.  Please have Kontor take down the URL and remove any claims that you have on my song.  You DO NOT have any claims to this song.
Katherine Ann Huff
aka Jenai Huff

This is the reason why so many artists suffers in the world. Artist like Jenai Huff who doesn’t understand these different rights make us as companies act in certain way. But first of all, she is rude. NEVER be rude in any situation like this. She claims its fraud and we don’t have any rights in a very bad tone. No manners what so ever.

Instead she could just wrote a nice message saying.
Hello, I just put up this song on YouTube and you through Kontor New Media seems to claim it, can you tell me why?

A message like this and I would probably help her. Instead she writes in big capitals You DO NOT have any claims to this song. Of course I know what happened here. It’s no fraud. Is just that Jenai Huff is ignorant. A fault that makes a lot of other not ignorant artist suffer.

So let me explain. It’s probably right that she wrote and record the song like she says in the message. But then she did a deal with a Swedish record label to be part of a compilation (actually in the original message she actually links to this compilation under her name). This record label then during 2013 put this online. Claiming that they had copyright for the compilation. And told us to put it out on digital channels including picking up money on Youtube (monetizing). Since they signed the deal on our page that they have all rights well we put it out.

What it says in the contract between Jenai Huff and them we don’t know. My guess is that it’s not regulated in the contract how much the label can control the song (witch it should). But this label is really famous to be a bunch of Hillbillys that collect and gives out stupid artists that really should not be given out since they like Jenai Huff don’t really understand how things work. But of course we really HAVE THE RIGHTS TO CLAIM THIS SONG since the label signed our papers.

Still this effect the label that these artists actually run around like lose cannons and yell at people that don’t have anything with it to do with them (is not the first time we see this on this label). Actually when they tried to be on a festival in Sweden we tried to vote them off since we knew their artist doesn’t have all the horses at home. In the end they had to pay to get in and got the worst stage. Here we go, artists like Jenai Huff fix that all the artists on this label suffer without their knowledge.

Would anyone really try to take a song like this? Hell no, this song is like calling Mc Donalds food like fine dining.  The song has lower than 1000 streams on 3 years. Actually it looks like it’s actually lower than a hundred. Her songs on Youtube is lower than a 1000 streams on four years. Her own upload on Spotify is under a 1000 streams probably under 100. So the song has by four years taken in less than a dollar in income. Well if would do a fraud and steal a song it won’t be this.

No it’s more of the problem that she is one of these lose cannons that thinks that copyright gives a reason to behave like a caveman that vote for Trump. It’s not. You can claim your rights with manner, not like an idiot.

So how can this be that she is that horrible to be the worst artist in the world? Well artist like her has done this so much that companies nowadays take out a certain amount what should be called “idiot money”. These people destroy that a normal artist actually could get more money and more freedom and more knowledge of their fans. Instead have these “I’m so occupied with my rights” forced the companies to build system that is complicated that the artist lose hell of a lot of money. That is why she is the worst kind of artist that destroys for all other artists. So she is not the worst artist she is a tribute to the worst artist in the world.

Yes I’m totally in that the old system actually kept these idiots out. The digital system let them all in.

And yes she is an idiot. The link she sends for the song leads to an empty video. So I really can’t check the song if it would like to.  Second just that she writes and tell that she has the copyright to the song. What are the proof? And just claim that you should take it down, just because she says so? And why did it take her four years to find out that we monetized the song? And she knows it comes from the label, why not go to the source first?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Be consistent

If you are friend with me on Facebook you probably has seen that I change my profile picture quite often. At least some times of the year. It’s not that I’m vain, oh well, but not that vain.

 No it has to with to be consistent. I decided to change my profile picture every time I’m out traveling and reach a new city. First it was just for a tour and you could follow how much my beard grow on a month of touring. But it got stucked.

 Now it is a running joke. I take a picture in the city I’m in. Usually in a way so it can be anywhere but every now and then I put in a landmark. Also the rule is that I only have one shot. If I look crap yes it will be out until I reach next destination.

 Several of my friends do the same. Mike takes pictures on plats he finishes. Magnus takes pictures on hotel floors and you have to guess witch hotel he is staying on. It’s all to keep up with it. If you stop doing it. It’s all lost.

Same with almost all your social media activity as a band. It’s about doing your thing and keep doing it. Yes of course I try many things that I evaluate after a month or two and if they don’t work I take them off. Band of the day here in the blog is a feature that didn’t work as I wanted and I put it off.

And next week my USA your starts I guess we will change the picture a lot.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bad taste

Yes first artist to be clear to 2017 eurovision song contest is Les Gordons. Yes we have worked with the band. Got them to USA and worked their first album.

Usually I make fun of eurovision since it the past years has mainly consisted of the songwriters and artists that really didn't make in the real industry. It has been a highlight to just write mean stuff of all the contributions all years.

So now? Has eurovision got taste since they picked a good band? Or am I getting old getting crappy taste?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More about numbers

Okey another one around numbers. How to check numbers on videos. I got a message from a band that had over million views on their video and they were excited about it.
Which is cool. So I want into Youtube to look on the video and it just had 8000 views. And the comments was just 300 and all positive witch is strange.

Then I realize that they were talking about their video on Facebook. Well now we have a numbers problem. First Facebook starts all its videos automatically so if people just scroll down suddenly you get a view. So if you repost the song several times yes you will get a lot of views but really no one has seen it.

So the Youtube numbers are better in that way. Still you can also set homepages to start videos when you enter them. A thing that is really annoying but is a strong reasons why many bigger artists has so many numbers on their videos.

So the best figures is Spotify because you can’t really manipulate these figures. So I looked there and the song was under 2000 streams.

In the end, I’m not so sure about that so many has seen this video. Also Facebook doesn’t pay anything so that sucks. Youtube pays pretty bad and can be bit manipulated. So Spotify is the thing right now. I hope Youtube is getting better. Still I’m not that excited of the Facebook views.

I did a test I shot out our latest Vblog. And looked today 24 hours later it has 213 views on facebook (yes we release it as its’s own video there and as a link to youtube). On Youtube it has 10 views. But the page on the blog has been visited over 70 times. Yes the number doesn’t really add up.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Numbers is not everything

That headline could be about so much but the numbers today will be about songs. I got a message from a songwriter that writes that he has over 2000 songs written and registered. This kind of things is quite common that you get from songwriters from time to time that they have so and so much songs written. This one at least then tell that 600 of them are recorded.

Still there is no value in these number. To be honest if I start tomorrow I can easy write 2000 songs until X-mas. Yes they will probably all be crap. And that’s the risk here as well. Sure he might have taken longer time to write 2000 crap songs, but hey in the end it is still crap. You can’t polish a turd.

He then tells me that these songs he sends in are for Eurovision song contest. Even so more strange. We have never worked in Eurovision since we thing that the songs writers in Eurovision is more of the songwriters that are really crappy. Okey one of our bands Les Gordons will be on this year and they are good. Still they are a rock n’roll band and write songs in that formula. But we never place songs with artists in this way.

So even before I listen to his songs he has got me a big hunch that this is crap. 2000 songs, would be better top tell that he written 50 and all of them has been on the top 10 chart. That is much more impressive. Also that he is on Eurovision screams that it’s pretty bad. Also if you really want to get into Eurovision you can send in your songs to the open jury. 6000 songs comes in and we really don’t know how many is actually chosen that way. Also if we got it on chans, well how many others have these songs right now?

It remind me a bit of when I got the mail from a songwriter that claimed he wrote Rebecca Blacks Friday. Really not a good claim to fame. It was all over that the team who did that song not only did a lousy job when then she got famous for it they claimed some rights on a song they already sold. That mail also went into the trash bin. With my new 2000 songs dude. I guess it depends when I have time to listen to it. My guess is though that it will be close by when Eurovision starts in february.

well this is what i think...