Friday, March 24, 2017

Everything is done, but you can develop.

I don’t get it sometimes that people are following rules so much. Even harder when it is artists that claims to not following rues and follow them more then fanatic IS member.
Just because you play hard rock you don’t need to dress like Lemmy. And if you play Sleeze, you don’t have to look like Mike Monroe. If you do, well you just a weak copy. Nothing around you, just the same old bullshit.

And this applies to many styles. If you play jazz you dress in fifties clothes and want a smoky room with a big microphone. If you play folk music you need to have a beard. And so on. You just limited yourself into something. You just do what you are told.

The funny part of this is that these are the ones that claim to different the most. And usually it’s just some stupid gimmick that actually would be the change.  Sure I understand it has to do with indentity for the audience, still it’s much better to surprise.  The worst though, is has no style like the damn shoe gazers.

Instead of working so hard to fit into the box. Develop a thing for yourself, be different. I don’t know how many times we see artist doing stupid stuff just to be part of “something”, like we have to give out a vinyl since we play indie pop. Or we need to play ion CBGB’s since we are a punk band (last week I had to tell a poor band that CBGB’s is now a cloth store).

Bands with masks is usually just a trick to hide that they really too old and ugly to shown (Hello Ghost). Or that you can send anyone out to paly while you are home with your family (Hello Teddybears). And you can change members without anyone notice (Hello Kiss).

My favorite example of development right now is The Magnettes. They are a punk band but don’t dress like that. Have more attitudes then an old punk band, I guess Henry Rollins would be afraid to be near them. At the same time they adopt new pop music into their punk and go their own way. And that makes them different but also the same. A part you recognize another part is new to it.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


I meet an artist the other day that where  upset that the press is giving the attention to an artist that has less number, less fans, less everything. I explained that this usually has to do with certain connections, friendships and other stuff. And the artist said, well that won’t happen to you? Do you ever feel frustrated?

Ohh YEEES. I don’t know how many times I get frustrated with this. I just saw a seminar about just my expertise in Sweden. In fact the speakers are people relying on my services. Do you think I’m even invited? Not even invited to attend!

One of the companies they have invited doesn’t even have a homepage.  Several of them has never done anything relevant on this field. The other one is my prime example of the worst failure in this field. I use them as the worst scenaro in my lectures.

Do I get frustrated, yes! Does it bother me, well yes! But it won’t go to my head. I know this has to do with friendship.

The irony is that the same day I speak on a much larger conference about this topic abroad. And I’m the main speaker. Still I get frustrated since they didn’t ask me. And I know even if I get a huge success they will ask me.

So knowing that, I just keep doing my thing and try not to be bothered, I will be bothered, but I don’t really care.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Yesterday was  just one of those days. We got The Magnettes on a new TV show on national television, oh no pardon me, two different TV shows. We got booking for a new tour in USA. Got proposal from a totally new territory. We added on 3 new PR teams.

These are they days I’m really glad working with all these great artists and their art that brings so many people together.  Fantastic.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A catch 22 for artists.

I just saw some stupid online competition that you could get on a stage on a bigger festicval in UK. They also promised that “Also guarantee that ALL the artists who perform have the opportunity to play in front of industry professionals, providing them with great exposure and a platform to be noticed”.

All you had to do is the register and get as many as possible to vote for you on their homepage.


The one with the biggest fanbase will win this. But if you already have that kind of fanbase you really don’t need to be exposed to the industry professionals. Most of them will do a far worse job that you already has done. The one that needs these industry people is the smaller ones, tat are good, but they don’t stand a chance.

Of course they might cheat and just let someone that they like musically win. Then it’s cheating, so there is no point then to get on with this.

It’s like a catch 22, if you already have the audience you don’t need this opportunity. If you need it well then you don’t have that massive audience to vote for you. The winner of course is the festival that gets your fans data.

Most of things like this when it’s you have to chase your fans like this sucks. Most for the fans, what is the point for them to get you a vote and lose their data? Every time I have seen it the band that wins these competitions really sucks. I don’t know where they get their audience but usually it’s some strange country where they music is not that good from the beginning. Witch ends up that the industry people just stands in front of the stage don’t know a shit what to do. The figures are really good but the music sucks. And of course this end up in the blog entry I did a time ago

Next Phase is much harder.

Spotify is dead

Usually also the artists that are good are already picked up long before they reach these numbers. The ones still having the numbers and an urge to be in front of professionals usually has some really big error somewhere.

So the artist will harass their audience, the festival get a crappy band, the industry will waste time. Good work. and don't forget that you can pay people to vote for you.

Monday, March 20, 2017

How do you present new music?

Well start by not doing it like a drive by shooting. I just hate when people befriend me on Linked In (or facebook) and two days later send a stupid message that I should listen to their songs. Before I actually didn’t accept anyone on Linked In that I didn’t know who it was. Then (probably me pressing a button), the whole system starting to add people off some list I guess Facebook and after that I accept people even if we just meet in cyberspace. Of course if it is a totally fake id then I just get rid of them.

This can be really contra productive for you. I use my Linked In to see what is happening with people I work with. I don’t like to listen to music while I’m in there since it’s mainly when I research people that I should contact for some reason. Listen to strange demos is really not my mood.

And here is your problem. Since I’m not in the mood, well I will listen to your music with more critical ears than ever. Or even worse I will just put it in the background while I work with the more important stuff.

I also hate when artist claimed to get top the office just to play their new song. You should sit there and after 10 seconds your mind is wondering off thinking of that e-mail you really need to send or the dinner you need to buy before you go home. I can easy say that I never signed anything by anyone sending in this way.

Then on Musichelp we actually have links to send songs. I know that not all people have that. Still I’m pretty sure that most people don’t like the method of befriend people just to put a commercial up in their face. It’s like finding a link of a really great article and all you find is a damn commercial.

So when do I listen to songs? I like to stay focused and really be in mood to hear new stuff. Of course when my artist that I have signed send something I’m eager to hear it. But in this case I know they are doing music that I like and really want to hear it. Still if I’m in a job mode it actually can take a couple of days before I can relax and really listen carefully on their new music.

Send music to Musichelps links, or my e-mail if you have it.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Its artist development you are looking for.

The roles become clearer right now. Most artists look for a record label or a management. Instead they should look for an artist development company. What do you say, do these exist? Yes they do, especially if you are in Sweden.

The record labels are good when you have gotten a way down the road. Still the gap between a ready artist and the record label is much bigger now.

Before this gap was not that big. And the adult educational association (studieförbund) has not had the time of the knowledge to educate the band like they did in the 80:s and 90:s. So now the gap is too big to bridge for an artist alone.

And also many prey on young artist and take them way before they are ready to make a professional lifestyle out of their music. And in most of these cases they are just in for the money not so much to develop the artist.

So witch are these develop companies, well in Sweden we have state ones like Talentcoach and BD-pop. Then on the private side you have Musichelp. More is on their way. And I guess it’s here it starts don’t try to make a shortcut you won’t last in the long run.

The funny part is that most artists are really not taking action and get to these new companies just because they don’t have a track record yet. Or goes by a manager that don’t has a clue and just follow the same path that they have always gone.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Imaginary walls

Sometimes I bump into artists that put up imaginary walls in certain ways. Usually they put in some barrier because of something. For example if they play folk music they just aim for small labels (and I mean super small), small venues and has no plan what so ever on the big things. I just say: Mumford and Sons, if they can do it why can’t you?

No there is not a difference in styles. The only thing that difference is that certain styles is hi-jacked by people that don’t see the difference between crap and art.

The rules are the same even if you play jazz, chewing gum pop, punk or even art music. Its back to that you have to create something that people wants to listen to, instead of thinking that you create something special that no one understands.

Yes you can spread Jazz in social media and yes you can get fans there. There nothing that says that jazz needs to be given out on vinyl and their listeners demand vinyl so the government has to support their art. That is just bullshit.

This is the rules for everyone, even the people that start business.
1. You have to create something that is demand for, and in the beginning there might be no demand, but can be created.

2. You have to be where people are. Marketing is a must, it never happens magically.
If you play music that can’t be promoted, well that is a very good sign it’s crap, change your music.

Most of the time it’s promotable and not crap is just that the artist choose that way. Don’t stop yourself just because your idol sets for small audience.

Usually when I go to meetings where the more odd styles gather what strikes me is that they are so unprofessional, and that is usually the error, not the music. When you talk to people that play folk music they all want to go to Folk Alliance (big fair in USA for folk music). Sure why not, still the people that are on Folk alliance is very limited. None of the bigger players is there. Even if you just started you make a wall and put Folk Alliance as the top.  You should go for the mainstream ones like Canadian music week, SXSW, Musexpo, Live at Heart. Yes t will be harder competition but that is need for you to get out in the big market. If you set your top to the guy that has his record label under his bed, or the girl that has some strange festival for 150 bearded fruitarians you limit yourself. Sure you should take these as well but still adopt to get a bigger audience.

Why can’t a folk band be in Eurovison song contest, yes they can! Yes of course they will get shit form all the other crap musicians in that genre that tells you that you are a sell out or something. Do you know what, most of these people choose this style since they are afraid of success or actually not talent enough to make it! Still if you did it you will be different and very celebrated to have done it.